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Logo del Marchio Collettivo 'L'Oro del Principe'On initiative of eight olive-growing  Manufacturers of Militello in Val di Catania and of oil mill Di Giorgi it was created a General Brand Collective: “L’Oro del Principe”

The bond with the land, love and respect for its traditions have prompted members of the Brand “L’Oro del Principe” to devote himself to his passion: the olive tree growing.

It’s the work of a united group who has not forgotten his rural roots and that with passion and stubbornness works olive groves trying to combine the best family traditions and the experience of the past with today’s innovations to achieve a common goal: to produce a high quality extra virgin olive oil which is inserted between the excellence of Sicily.

“L’Oro del Principe” is a trademark registered with the CCIAA of Catania which takes inspiration from the location of the mill where the oil is produced: the Castle Barresi Branciforte. The importance of this building and its atrium is very dear to all militellesi and everyone who comes to visit our country carries with it a indelible memory. The rooms currently used for grinding are the same used in the early 1800s by Prince Barresi Branciforte to produce oil.

History, culture, tradition and vocation for this land are all values which are thus in the denomination “L’Oro del Principe” a perfect synthesis.



Ingresso del Castello del Principe Branciforte

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