The Oil Mill

Frantoio Di Giorgi

The Oil mill crusher used for the pressing of olives and extra virgin olive oil production marketed under the brand “L’Oro del Principe” is located in the historical center of Militello and precisely in the Atrium of Barresi-Branciforte Castle.

The current premises were built in 1811 by lord of Militello Ercole Maria Branciforte, prince of Butera inside the castle, replacing the previous “trappeto” almost decrepit.

The new building was built in the courtyard of the castle in a place most suitable for the current presence of fresh water coming from the fountain called the “Zizza”.

Abolished the feudal system in 1812 all the property of the lords of Militello pass to the family of the barons of the Majorana della Nicchiara and from these in 1922 to the current Insana – Di Giorgi family owners.

From the fifteenth century onwards, then, the castle has always been the center of oil production which undisputed quality have made it an important source economy town: a treasure to value!

Targa posta all'ingresso del Castello

The olive oil production operations are carried out with craftsmanship no later than 48 hours of harvesting to ensure optimum product quality.

The “Frantoio Di Giorgi” associated A.I.F.O. (Italian Association Frantoiani Oleari) uses a continuous flow system at a controlled temperature.

In addition to milling the mill it is in charge of storing oil which is carried out in stainless steel containers perfectly clean and hermetically sealed that are allocated in the rooms adjacent to the mill. The place has been recently completed, renovating an old building protected by the light that has been duly authorized and provided with a system for topping up of the silos nitrogen.

The phase of the storage of oil is just as important as milling and processing of olives. The extra virgin olive oil, in fact, is a highly perishable food during time . Three are its main enemies: oxygen, temperature and light.

In order to ensure the excellent organoleptic quality of “our gold”, oil, freshly milled, is stored in stainless steel tanks in order to rest and decant completely naturally small solid particles present in the oil extracted .

After the clarification period, which lasts about one month, the oil is separated from sludge and re-inserted in the steel silos with nitrogen topping. The function carried out  by nitrogen is precisely to fight the oil oxygenation process protecting it over time.