Olive groves


The brand olive groves “L’Oro del Principe” are made up of ancient plants and newly systems implementation, they are managed by combining tradition and innovation, to quality protection and food security, while respecting the environment.

The cultivars are mostly Tonda Iblea ( “Marmurigna”), Nocellara Etna, Ogliarola Messina ( “Ugghiarola”), Nocellara Messina ( “Romana”); all varieties included in the product specification of the IGP Sicily.

Such approval is given only to those crops that demonstrate a well-established tradition of production, an unbreakable bond with the territory of origin and an adequate socio-entrepreneurial fabric that allow the achievement of high quality standards.

Indeed, the early harvest,at the top of the olives veraison, the speed in the transfer and in the milling and storage according to the most modern standards, allow to obtain a product that retains the aromas, the taste and the organoleptic quality of a juice of olives just made to give the diners “a unique sensory experience.”


For all the reasons explained above, the brand olive groves “L’Oro del Principe” were authorized to bear the mark IGP Sicily (Protected Geographical Indication).

The production area is included in an area traditionally linked to the production of extra virgin olive oil and included in a designation area of protected origin “Monti Iblei” subzone Trigona Pancali.